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Below you will find information pertaining to casketed burials and the professional guarantees our firm extends to your family in your time of need. We hope that you will find this information helpful. If you would like to discuss burial options further, please feel free to call us at 1-(978)-433-2100.

What is burial?...

A traditional casketed burial is a time-honored tradition of caring for the dead that has been practiced throughout mankind for millennia. When one pictures a funeral, a casketed burial is often what first comes to mind. 

A traditional burial allows for below ground burial in a cemetery lot, or for above ground entombment in a mausoleum space. Burial can take place following a viewing/funeral service a the funeral home or place of worship, following a graveside service at the place of interment, or immediately after death in what is known as a 'direct burial'.

Why choose burial?...

Below are some of the many reasons families choose burial:

  • A casketed burial allows for a structured and traditional manner in which to say goodbye to a loved one. Many believe viewing their loved one and seeing the casket lowered into the ground offers the closure needed to begin the grieving process
  • Burials and cemetery property create a sacred and permanent resting place which friends and family may visit as they navigate the grieving process. Many feel comforted and connected to their loved one by physically visiting their final resting place
  • Respect for the earthly remains - though cremation is the most popular method of disposition in the United States, many still believe cremation and the exposing of a loved one to flame is disrespectful to the human body
  • Traditional casketed burial may fulfill religious doctrine as some denominations frown upon cremation
  • Personal beliefs
  • Traditional burial and cemetery property allows for families and loved ones to be together even in death. For example, a husband is often buried next to his wife.
  • Burial allows for future generations to visit and spend time with those family members who have come before them. 

Viewing: A Personal Choice...  

A common component of North American funeral service is the professional embalming and open-casket viewing (whether public or private) of the dead human body. It allows for family and friends to visit with the deceased one final time, pay their final respects, find closure, and accept the loss. 

Viewing is a deeply personal experience and deeply personal choice which may only be made once. Some choose to view the body due to religious reasons, while others choose to do so for personal reasons. Some feel that viewing the body is a natural part of the funeral process, while others feel that it is unnecessary.

According to Dr. Alan Wolfelt, one of North America's leading death educators, viewing and spending time with the body of a loved one is a way of honoring the transition from life to death. As Dr. Wolfelt states, "viewing allows the acceptance of the reality and finality of death."  Whether it is a private family viewing without embalming or a large public visitation, we always recommend that families give themselves and others the opportunity to say their final goodbyes whenever possible. COVID-19 has further reiterated this position, as we found many families struggled with being unable to visit their loved ones as healthcare facilities all but shut down to visitors.

Our Professional Guarantee...

As funeral service professionals we understand that when we are entrusted with the earthly remains of a loved one, that we are being entrusted with a family’s most prized possession. When preparing a loved one for viewing, we adhere to a strict code of ethics. All of our embalming, cosmetology, restorative art, identification, and sanitary care procedures are performed by members of our family who are duly licensed Massachusetts Funeral Directors and Embalmers. The transportation and care of your loved one will never be entrusted to unlicensed individuals, strangers, or third-party contractors.

“Behind these doors is the most sacred room in the building. It is where loved ones come to be prepared for the most difficult event in a family’s life. Those that work behind these doors pledge to each family a never-ending commitment of respect, service and confidentiality to those that place their trust in us.” - Author Unknown

We hope that you found this information and our professional guarantee to be helpful. If you would like to discuss burial options further, please call us at 1-(978)-433-2100 


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